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The Chainbreaker by Lara Reis - One

Maddie was ready to flap her wings away directly to her bed. She had just finished adding the last star mushroom to her basket, but instead, she was interrupted by her sister’s murmur: ‘Maddie! Hey Maddie, come here!’; whispers Maggie, a couple steps away.

‘What?’; she hisses back to her twin, flapping her wings quietly, and then she heard it too. ‘Is that a baby?’

‘Should we look for it?’

‘Are you mad? Are you so careless? You dimwitted pixie dust! What if it’s a hag trying to eat two dumb fairies!’

‘And what if it is a baby? Then we are the hags who let a baby cry in the woods until it’s not!’; the twins watch each other defiantly until the cry becomes louder and louder.

‘It’s a baby.’

‘Is definitely a baby!’

‘Or a very talented hag.’

‘It’s a baby!’

Maggie walked in the direction of the loud baby howl from the deep of the woods. It was not usual that a faerie would brave herself to adventure so far into it. Many dangers could await - Hags, Trolls, Werewolves, and all sorts of night creatures would love a pixie snack. They followed the crying, while fireflies were also going along until they rested, surrounding the hollow old tree in mass.

‘By the Green Mother!’; said Maggie.

‘What? What is it?’

Maggie came closer to the tree and dipped her head inside the hole, coming out with a baby girl.

‘I told you it was a baby!’ however, her sister’s face was pale as the moon while holding the infant. ‘What is wrong? Maggie! What is wrong?’

Maddie flew a jump next to her sister and looked at the baby girl, with the skin pinkish and glimmery and eyes of a colour she saw nor could be described. However, Maddie immediately understood the pale expression of her twin. The baby had a small scratch on her cheek. Probably done while Maggie grabbed her out of the hole. It was a slight scratch, nothing serious, but the baby was bleeding. That little infant was bleeding blue blood.

Maddie looked at her sister: ‘She has blue blood.’

‘She has blue blood.’

‘She has blue blood!’

‘Stop repeating she has blue blood! I know she has blue blood!’

‘You were right. I am a dimwit, and it would have been better an old hungry had.’

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