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Lara Reis goes on an adventure. Later, after a deep nap and a strong coffee, repeat. She will go on an adventure. Later.

Please understand that all good stories always have a dragon.

Her name is Lara. She was born in 1984 and since childhood, this nomad has written about the worlds built up in her head. However, when she is too lazy to express herself in with words, she uses her simple drawing skill.

To each of you who has read and follow her stories, poetry and other creations: Lara thanks you.

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When Death meets Chaos

What will happen to a powerful child, a reincarnation of a soul millions of years old, born into a toxic family? Well, she escapes, draws Death in to her world, and does what every intelligent child shall do: she wraps him around her little finger and bestows a little humility upon him.
This is not a tale for children nor the faint-hearted, but rather an adult journey that begins here, with young Chaos. She is brought into the world on back of six souls - a quid pro quo to maintain Mother’s balance. Death, meanwhile, lives a manor with a humbling family of servants, including a boy whose childish wish brings Death his ray of hope:
If reader’s have senstivities, please refer Trigger and Content Warnings on the copyright page at the start of the book.

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The Dancing Light of Dawn

This book is a collection of over 200 poems, written by the wonderful poetry community on Twitter. Using prompts from #InstantEternal poetry prompts. They were inspired to write an amazing selection of poetry. With many styles and different takes of the same prompts.


A Russet Tapestry Of Poetry: #InstantEternal Poetry Vol 2

A collection of poems from many wonderful writers. All using the prompts from #InstantEternal poetry prompts. All poems have an autumnal feel to them.


In Frozen Prose: #InstantEternal Poetry Vol 3 Kindle Edition

#InstantEternal is a poetry prompt on Twitter, giving writers inspiration to create their own pieces of work.

This poetry book would not have been possible without the wonderful contributions from the Twitter poetry community. They have really done a fabulous job at using the prompts, to create such a wonderful book.


Sing, Do The Birds Of Spring: #InstantEternal Poetry Vol 4


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